Sunday, 4 March 2007

Spanking your Man

Keeping your husband in a marriage is a difficult road, however I found years ago what mine needed. ( we have been married 35 years)

David told me years ago that when he was at Infants school, he had a very strict lady teacher and he regularly was put over her knee with trousers and pants down to receive a thoroughly sound spanking, he recalled she always wore seamed stockings ( 1955 era) and when he was put under the table howling away he could partly see her petticoats.

We went through a slight rough patch many years ago andDavid told me he really needed some discipline and we decided that an old fashioned spanking was needed.

As I have always worn seamed stockings and have never given up wearing petticoats I decided to re-enact his schooldays.

That was many years ago now and I have it off to a fine art.

When discipline is called for I ALWAYS wear my black seams and dress up in nice feminine clothes. I am very large busted (44EE) and always wear a tight low cut jumper to show maximum cleavage, I call him into the bedroom where I am sat on a chair with my slipper and rattan cane beside me. I give him a good lecture and then tell him to take his trousers down and get over my knee. Another lecture follows and then down to his ankles comes his underpants. I the give him warm-ups with my hand, followed by a severe slippering until his bottom glows.

Finally comes the cane. I dont hold back and though he hollers and starts crying I beat his backside red raw until I have beautiful tram lines all across his buttocks.

Next he is put in the corner while I have a cigarette and he is told to stand perfectly still.

He is then bent over my chair and I give him 18-24 powerful strokes and he hollers and hollers and just cries his eyes out.

The last thing is then for us to make love when he has stopped crying and believe me, it keeps your man faithful.